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Longmont Carpet Cleaning Company

John Paul’s Carpet Cleaning provides all of the carpet cleaning solutions that you could possibly need. From carpet cleaning to tile to stair cases, Longmont and Boulder customers trust John Paul, who has owned and operated his company for over 15 years. Cleaner carpets are only a quick phone call away. He is available weekends and offers flexible appointments to meet your schedule.

Pricing Based On Need Rather Than Coupons

John Paul prices carpet cleaning services based on the condition. Therefore, I always prefer to look at your carpets before a price is set. By following this process, both you and I ensure accurate pricing and reliable cleaning solutions tailored to your needs. If you want the job done right you need a professional, so give him a call. Carpets and flooring are expensive. Don’t trust your expensive flooring to some guy in someone else’s van. You are always dealing with a professional and a proud Longmont resident who offers services he stands behind. Bringing his vast experience, John Paul is fast, professional and knowledgeable and is your best be to get nasty stains out.

Equipment Makes the difference

The Rotovac equipment I use is a very important factor, as it offers a deep clean and not just a chemical bath. You would not throw your clothes in a chemical bath, or just wash them without thorough rinsing and scrubbing. Why would you treat your carpets any differently. The Rotovac is cutting edge equipment that most carpet cleaning companies are simply not willing to invest in.

Pricing Set Before Work Starts

I will provide a full price estimate before I start work to avoid any confusion. You can be assured I will answer any of your questions or concerns. Once all of your concerns are addressed, we will agree on a fair price and I will get started immediately. My pricing is competitive and my reputation is important to me. Therefore, I will ensure fair competitive pricing and I will always be upfront and honest.


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