John Pauls Carpet Cleaning Process

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High End Carpet Cleaning is an Art

High end carpet cleaning is tricky and I always provide a price before I start based on your needs. I always start with an initial walk-thru of areas that need cleaned, address your concerns and discuss your needs. I base the pricing on the carpet cleaning needs and once accepted, I start right then. Extremely dirty carpets can take much more time, furthermore, the more dirty a carpet is, the more the cleaning solutions cost. However, be assured I always give you a final price before I start your service. There will be never be any surprises, and your job will be completed with as minimal interruption as possible.

High End Carpet Cleaning Preparation

I take special care with your property and floors. I use foot covers and protect the walls when necessary to prevent the hose from rubbing. High end carpet cleaning requires extra steps, which I always take.

Furniture: I ask that, before I arrive, you remove any items you can from the areas I am to clean. If there is furniture that you cannot easily remove, I will place blocks underneath each piece of furniture to keep it off the wet carpet and slide it around. I will clean the carpet underneath and slide all of the furniture back in place. I will leave the blocks in place when I leave for you to remove or I can return to remove them.

Any cabinets, shelfs or tables should be free from breakables or loose items. I also prefer all lamps, TV’s on stands and other high end or breakable items be moved by the customer.

After Cleaning Care

I highly recommend you leave the blocks for 24 hours or more. After your high end carpet cleaning is complete, the last thing you want to do is put furniture on it.. Furniture can have stain on the legs that can react and become soluable from the cleaning solutions.

If this happens, your floors can become permanantly stained. After about 24 hours, or when the carpet is completey dry, remove the furniture from the blocks but move them approximately 1 foot from where the blocks were sitting. The blocks can hold some moisture underneath. If stain leaches into the carpet from the legs, it will likely never come out. Please ask if you have additional questions upon scheduling your appointment.

Pre-Treatment: l apply safe natural cleaning solutions to the entire carpet to help break-down the surface oils and dirt. I will also address any special spots/stains with spotting products. I am experienced and trained giving me the ability to easily identify and remove stains. Stains can sometimes be permanent. However, with years of experience I have a high success rate.

Regular cleaning appointments can help reduce the need for deeper cleanings.

Equipment and Recomendations to Protect Your Carpet

Rotary Cleaning: My equipment is truck mounted which also holds its own fresh water and dirty water tanks. My Rotovac 360i rotary carpet machine scrubs, rinses and extracts. It powerfully removes the dirt and oils leaving your carpet feeling soft, fresh, and clean. The Rotovac 360i, has agitation, powerful flushing and strong extraction, leaving the dry time for your carpet at appx 4-6 hours.

Scotchgard™ & Groom(additional service): I offer Scotchgard™ application after your carpet is cleaned. This is an optional service. Scotchgard™ creates an “invisible shield” that penetrates the fiber improving stain resistance.

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